domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

I get up at five  in the morning

I have a shower    

I dress to go away to the university

I come at 7 in the morning in the university to class of civilian
I go out to nine in the class and go away to having breakfast

it's 12 noon I come
 to my house to have

After almolzar rest and I go to
bed to sleeping
I get up at three in the
afternoon to go away to
the gym

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

special days

My day favorete is in april 29,1992 my birthday I like it my birthday poque re-joins the family compartimo and we eat cakeand august we are in vacationsI. like it my birthday poque re-joins the family compartimo and we eat cake

 November 18 chinita fairIt Beautiful day in which all the marabinos do an honoring to him "Virgen de Chiquinquirá" all it celebrate with very much enthusiasm happiness and faith.

October 31 halloween  day In the night of witchesIt has origin in the Celtic festivity of the Samhain and the festivity christens of the All Saints' Day.



                       Schedule of the whole week

 7:00 am class 

4:00 pm
I do exercise in the gym

9:00am Englishman's classes


4:00pm I do exercise in the gym

4:00 classs dance

5:30 sleeping

9:00 To eat pizza

 To eat Chicken

3:00pm sleeping

8:00 Movies with my boyfriend

4:00 I study

 class dance
2:00 pm
Course of juridical assistant

Party with my friends

2:30pm i spend time with my family

7:00 Goes shopping

in going to the university because I have class at 7:00 AM in the mormning 
4:00pm in the afternoon I do exercise in the gym.

On Tuesday I wake up at 8:00 AM because I start my class at 9:00 in the morning to 11:00 AM sleeping Up to 4:00 pm in the afternoo I do exercise in the gym


4:00pm in te afternoon class dance I come to my house 5:30 sleeping I wake up at 9:00pm in the night to eat pizza

12:00pm in the noon To eat Chicken 3:00pm in the afternoon sleeping 8:00pm in the night movies with my boyfriend 

4:00pm I study civil up to 6:00pm in the evening class dance


2:00 pm in the afternoon 
Course of juridical assistant up yo 5:00pm in the afternoon 
I come to my house sleeping .9:00pm in the night party whit my friends 

2:30pm in the afternoon  i spend time with my family 7:00pm in the night goes shooping

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

A poem for your mom !!

Lucia salazar
by: roxanny colina

Happy, beautiful, loving,little bit cracy,
mother of joserwill and roxanny
She shares with his brothers, children and friends
He likes the beer and to do exercises.
It him is afraid to the mice, the ships and to the serpents
wants to see her children grow and her family happy!

My blogger

Hello ! to open this blog because usareme in the matter and I  believe what will be entertained.
 My name  is roxanny colina
 My friends say to me roxa
 I’m from   maracaibo in the avenue
 through " La limpia"
 I’m 19 years old
I study law  at  URBE
My favorite matter is civil

  •  I like many things:
I like to share in family, to go out with my friends, to dance, to go to the beach
eating : pizza, chicken , salads, meats. Hamburgers.
I like listen to music regueton, romantic, sauce
I like to see tv my favorite program, diary of a passion,

  • Dislikes.
I do not support the hypocrisy the lies, I do not like the chocolate, I hate the smoke of cigar

  • My dream is to graduate of attorney to have a stable work and to travel all over the world

          I say good bye of you for the present

     Do the good, and do not look at whom !!